Mobile Assistant for a Patient with LVAD

An innovative solution dedicated to patients with LVAD implanted pump that allows long-term remote monitoring of pump parameters and selected medical parameters.

Mobile Assistant for a Patient with LVAD enables:


This reduces the patient’s dependence on the specialist treatment in a medical centre and the patient can return to home life.

Thanks to modern technology, the monitoring process is carried out:

In real time

Without patient present


The above-mentioned solutions in the Mobile Assistant of the Patient allow optimization of the patient care process, while reducing costs and improving the use of medical staff who can deal with more patients. A patient who can leave the hospital frees up a place for more ill people who need hospital care.

The Mobile Assistant through on-screen animation, voice prompts, and haptic alerts allow you to guide the patient through the medical process step by step. The ECG module also allows cardiac rehabilitation of LVAD patients, in line with the latest ESC recommendations. This allows for a significant reduction in their mortality.

Thanks to the use of the Mobile Assistant for a Patient with LVAD, you can improve the quality and safety of patient care while optimizing staff performance – allowing you to increase the number of LVAD pump implantation procedures.

Intended use



Reduce care costs and increase the survival of LVAD patients

Improve patient safety through remote, multi-parametric monitoring

Patient returns home and frees up a place for someone more in need

Enabling patients to return to family, professional life and to become independent from frequent hospitalisation

Optimisation of the work of healthcare professionals to extend more patients to specialised treatments

Increment of the number of LVAD pump implantation procedures


Ensuring continuous surveillance of LVAD patients at home

Activation of patients from LVAD e.g. by remote management of cardiac telerehabilitation

Checking the LVAD pump operation without patient present

Prediction of adverse events

Dedicated medical process can be implemented and its course can be made dependent on individual measurement results

Optimisation of the working time of medical staff

Increment of the number of patients undergoing LVAD implantation

Improvement of the quality of life of patients and ensuring their mobility

Improvement of safety and efficiency of treatment

Technical specifications

Compact design

2.4’’ colour touch screen display

Built-in ECG module with 1, 2 or 3 channels

HRV algorithm

Short-range wireless communication (Bluetooth 2/3/4.0, Wi-Fi)

Built-in GSM communication module

Built-in GPS for location monitoring

Integrated motion and hand position sensor

Very low power consumption and high performance

HTTP communication via rest protocol

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